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Newest two songs

2008-05-29 14:03:58 by DJ-Martcore

Got 3 new song's
Silver sky's
In the dark
Happy season

Leave a comment =D

I told u!

2008-04-28 13:13:38 by DJ-Martcore

Yeah I have another new song allready! inspiration fly's around me !!
Here It is : Heaven(Remix)
It's done again by me!
the song of : DJ Sammy & Yanou - Heaven
Much Filters used Yehh ^^
hope you guys like it

-DJ Martcore

All the way UP!!!

2008-04-25 17:18:22 by DJ-Martcore

Yea I'm back!
And i'm goin up!!!
CHek out my new song : All the way down
There are a lot of songs coming in people!!! HANG ON^^

-DJ Martcore

Bad mood

2008-04-22 12:07:18 by DJ-Martcore

My grandma died.. so..
Not much music making these days :( Sorry ppl
There will be a song but i'm busy with it so you guys dont worry

-DJ Martcore

Going good

2008-02-24 17:59:32 by DJ-Martcore

It's getting better and better =D (exep4t m7y broken ke7yboard -_-...)
I'm remixing much lately and it's Getting better=D
yah want too say somtin ? comment xD