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I stop with newgrounds

2008-12-24 09:15:13 by DJ-Martcore

I hate those damn 0-bombers..
Everytime you put a new song on newgrounds It is already down to 2.24 or somthin
So bye people You won't see me again!


2008-12-03 08:57:01 by DJ-Martcore

Yeeeh i made a hardstyle tutorial..
or sumthing like that
chek it out : TUTORIAL

-DJ Martcore

Uhm yea

2008-11-27 01:56:42 by DJ-Martcore

Chek dis out :D
I Walk Alone(remix)

-DJ Martcore

Martcore is back!

2008-10-16 18:22:02 by DJ-Martcore

after 1 month with no internet i got it back=D
that was a long time:O...
anyways.. you all can enjoy my songs again!
take a listen to my newest one

Yes it is

-DJ Martcore


2008-09-24 11:31:07 by DJ-Martcore

Internetless for a while people.
so no new music for a while
I'm sorry newgrounders

-DJ Martcore

My song is getting 0-bombed!

2008-08-28 10:48:31 by DJ-Martcore

please people help me make my song better!
Sea of sadness
thank you

I'm back!!

2008-08-09 05:25:07 by DJ-Martcore

And with 2 new songs! :

Future Journey
A new day rising
I hope you can enjoy this 2 songs ..

-DJ Martcore


2008-07-16 12:25:26 by DJ-Martcore

Sorry people i'm going on holiday for 2 and a ½ week
So.. no new songs till then
The song i got for you now is my next generation Relaunch!!
Chek it: Next generation (Relaunch)
and happy holiday's

-DJ Martcore

Okay people

2008-06-19 11:07:08 by DJ-Martcore

So I'm back with 2 new songs
The violet sky's

I had 2 best of the weeks.. maybe one of these 2 gonna be the third!
I hope people keep voting I had much fun making this
Enjoy listening

PS. Many people asked my msn maybe this is more handy xD :

-DJ Martcore

!!!Parteh Time!!!

2008-06-06 09:17:31 by DJ-Martcore

Chek it out !!
Party time!!!