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Okay Wee Tee Eff xD

2009-03-03 13:51:15 by DJ-Martcore

what tha hell xD my PC is spacing like an camel with 3 leggs -_-'
What's my hard disc space? 5.14n gb of the 2 tb:S.....
My PC don't like me xD
.. but the thing is makin music is much harder becuz of that, they will still come.. only one song takes a hella time X.x
Any talkin in my post?
Blast It out =D
and eeeh chek dizz :


Okay Wee Tee Eff xD


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2009-05-20 14:15:44

Klinkt niet al te best... veel geluk daarmee en ik ram ff de Rss feed van je audio lijst in mijn G15 zodat ik niks van je muziek mis ;)


2009-10-10 11:11:48

You're dutch? Awesome! My best friend is from the Netherlands. :3
Maybe I could add you on MSN, man? :D